The world is a pretty big place and we can only know be present in a slim portion of it at a time. Nonetheless we leave a big footprint wherever we are. And yes, I'm talking about environmental footprint as in "damage we do to our planet". Also, by the world being a huge place, most times we can't perceive problems that are not in our immediate vicinity. That being said, we have to try to remember that not all people live happy decent lives but some have struggles in their daily lives.

With this page I plan to track charity donations for things I care about, such as lowering my [carbon] footprint, protecting our planet, and helping others that do not share the same living standards as me (poverty, low living standards, etc). Local charities and non-profits are as important as global/continental ones.

Let's keep track of donations

  • March 2019: Unicef (20€) - proof
  • October 2020: Practical Action (10£) - proof
  • October 2020: Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro (10€) - proof
  • October 2020: Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (15€) - proof
  • December 2020: Aldeias de Criaças SOS (10€) - proof
  • December 2020: Cáritas (10€) - proof
  • December 2020: Help (35€) - proof
  • December 2020: União Zoófila (20€) - proof
  • March 2021: Make A Wish (20€) - proof




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