IPTV box (vodafone) working with Pi-Hole (DNS/DHCP server)

IPTV box (vodafone) working with Pi-Hole (DNS/DHCP server)

Portuguese version below.

This is for people who have DHCP enabled in Pi-Hole, making it possible to offer the DNS server provided by Pi-Hole to all devices connected to your network.

Some IPTV set top boxes, such as ones from Vodafone, stop working if you have a Pi-Hole with DHCP enabled on your network, due to the way the boxes work. If your Pi-Hole is serving as a DHCP server, the boxes will contact Pi-Hole to get an IP and the DNS server is also sent back. The issue is that the boxes need to use the original DNS server in the router, instead the Pi-Hole one.

It’s very easy to fix this issue, we need to add configurations to the dnsmasq service embedded in Pi-Hole.

  1. Create a file in /etc/dnsmasq.d/03-vodafone.conf
  2. Add the following instructions:
# Adds a vodafone tag if the device vendor has the content MSFT_IPTV

# Adds a vodafone tag if the device vendor has the content ARRIS_VIP

# Adds a vodafone tag if the device MAC address starts with 50:95:51 which correspond to Arris set top boxes

# Add the mac address of your box below
# dhcp-mac=set:vodafone,xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
# Replace with the ip address of the original router (usually

3. Restart Pi-Hole dns , pihole restartdns


Of course there are multiple ways of solving an issue, in this case @nosuchuser provided a different solution, just edit dnsmasq.conf with the commands in this link: https://gist.github.com/nosuchuser/21db3fdd9f4b80bf0910f8b8b6ea2f63

Se usas Pi-Hole na tua rede e tens o serviço de DHCP ligado para que todos os dispositivos na tua rede usem o servidor de DNS do Pi-Hole, então é muito provável que as tuas boxes de televisão (como as da Vodafone) deixem de funcionar.

As boxes quando pedem um IP, o router atribui um e também diz qual é o servidor de DNS. As Boxes precisam que o servidor de DNS seja o do router original (eventualmente por motivos de segurança do serviço IPTV). Ao utilizar o servidor de DHCP do Pi-Hole, o servidor DNS deixa de ser o do router e as boxes não se conseguem conectar aos serviços.

Adiciona as configurações acima no dispositivo onde tens o Pi-Hole a correr para tudo funcionar correctamente. Atenta na parte dos endereços MAC pois cada box terá o seu endereço MAC e pode não corresponder ao exemplificado (dependendo da marca, Arris, Sagemcom, etc).